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College and Campus Committees


The College Forum reports directly to the President of Northern Virginia Community College. The purpose of the College Forum is to promote the philosophy and objectives of Northern Virginia Community College and to apprise the president, through a system of representative participation, as to the thinking of the faculty, staff, and student body on any matter pertaining to the affairs of the college.

The membership of the College Forum is comprised of the membership of the College Senate, Campus Councils, and the Standing Committees of the College Forum.

The College Senate serves as an instrument for the formulation and expression of faculty, student, and staff points of view, generally reserving its deliberations for major questions that are important to those groups and the institution as a whole. The Senate formulates its opinions and makes suggestions or recommendations to the appropriate committee, officer or Campus Council for further consideration. The Senate advises and seeks advice from the president of the College and initiates recommendations on policy in all areas of College activity.

The College Senate Standing Committees are as follows:

  • Committee on Committees

  • Constituency Committee

  • Elections and Credentials Committee

  • Steering Committee

The Campus Councils serve as instruments for the formulation and expression of faculty, staff and student points of view on each campus, generally reserving deliberations for questions of campus level responsibility that are important to the campus or any of its constituencies. The Campus Councils advise and seek advice from the provost of the campus and make recommendations to or communicate with (a) campus committees, (b) College committees, and (C) the College Senate on all pertinent topics. The Campus Councils submit advice, council, and recommendations to the president of the College through and by the provost of each campus.

The College Forum Standing Committees are as follows:

  • Instructional and Student Services Committee
  •     Human Subjects Subcommittee
  • Personnel Services Committee

The College Senate also appoints representatives to the following committees:

  • Hearing Committee Panel
  • Chancellor's Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Faculty Senate of Virginia
  • State Appeals Panel

The College Standing Committees are as follows:

Local Committees

  •                 Admissions Committee
  •                 Community Services Committee
  •                 Disciplinary Panel
  •                 Health Safety and ADA Compliance Committee
  •                 Learning Resource Committee
  •                 Student Publications Committee
  •                 Traffic Committee

Multi-Campus Committees

  •                 Articulation Committee
  •                 NVCC-GMU Inter-Institutional Articulation Committee
  •                 Awards Committee
  •                 Budget Advisory Committee
  •                 College Convocation Committee
  •                 Curriculum Committee
  •                 Diversity Committee
  •                 Distance Learning Committee
  •                 Honors Committee
  •                 Information Technology Committee
  •                 Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee
  •                 Professional Development Committee
  •                 Student Financial Aid Committee

In addition to the college and campus standing committees listed, there are a number of  Working Groups made up of staff with similar responsibilities.  The purpose of these working groups is to exchange information, coordinate procedures and, when appropriate, develop recommendations. These working groups include:

  • The Deans Working Group
  • The Division Chairs Roundtable
  • The LRS [Learning Resource Services] Working Group
  • The Information Technology Implementation Committee
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