English 8-Reading and Writing Improvement II

Course Expectations


Instructors:  Laura Young                                       Debbie Naquin

                        Office: LR 137:                                  Office:  LR 311

                        703-948-7715                                   703-450-2519

           Email- lyoung@nvcc.edu                            dnaquin@nvcc.edu

Class Assignments for Ms. Young

Class Assignments for Dr. Naquin

Course Description: English 8 is a ten-credit Pass/Fail course designed to help you improve your reading and writing through the use of critical reading/writing and thinking skills.  Reading strategies such as effective questioning techniques, making inferences, analyzing information, drawing conclusions, and detecting relationships during reading will be areas of focus. You will use graphic aids, the computer, textbooks, and a novel as you learn to apply various reading strategies.   By the end of this course you should have acquired the skills necessary to function effectively in college level courses that require reading and writing. Specifically, you should be at the entrance level for the first year of college English (ENG 111/9). 


Course Goals and Objectives:  Successful completion of this course should improve your reading and writing skills as follows:

      comparison/contrast, definition, cause/effect, and classification

Text and Materials:  Bring to class everyday!


Attendance: Regular class attendance is expected and will be to your benefit.  If for some reason you are unable to attend a class or expect to be tardy, you will need to email us or talk with us, explaining your circumstances.  Absences will affect your grade.  Remember, in your absence you are responsible for any assignment given and material discussed.  College policy states that an instructor may fail a student who misses 30% or more of class (six classes).  Three late attendance marks will be equivalent to one absence. If you do not return to class after the break, you will be marked with an absence.


Cell Phones: Cell phone use is not appropriate in the classroom. Cell phones need to be turned off or kept on silent, and they need to be stored in backpacks or purses, not in pockets or on desks.  Text messaging should not be used during class time.  In case of an emergency, cell phone use should be kept to a minimum and should be used outside of the classroom.


Computers: You are expected to abide by the College Computer Use Agreement Policies. As a reminder, do not change settings on college computers (This includes screensavers and desk-top settings), do not use Instant Messaging/myspace.com during class time unless it is used as part of the course curriculum, and do not download any programs unless you are advised to do so by an instructor. 


Behavior:  Courteousness is expected at all times.  You are expected to come to class prepared to learn.  Since NVCC is a drug-free/alcohol-free school, you are expected to attend class drug-free/alcohol-free. 


Plagiarism: Plagiarism is unacceptable. One warning and one chance will be given to correct any form of plagiarism. Further violations will result in an unsatisfactory grade for the class.  Students will be instructed to use turnitin.com in order to curb plagiarism and/or copying from other students.


Cheating: Cheating is unacceptable, and it will not be tolerated.


Students Needing Accommodations: Students requiring special accommodations in their learning need to see the disabilities counselor in the guidance department, to obtain a form stating what accommodations are needed.  You will need to present this accommodation form to each of your instructors at the beginning of the semester.


Inclement Weather Policy: Be sure and check the Loudoun Campus Home Page http://www.nvcc.edu/ for the latest updates on school closings and delays.  NVCC does not follow the public school closings and delays.  If class is cancelled due to weather or any other reason, it is your responsibility to check your email account for instructions from your teachers. If classes are delayed, you will be expected to follow the delayed schedule for classes.  When the college announces a delayed opening, all classes with at least 45 minutes of class time remaining at the end of the opening will be held.  For example, in the event of a 10 a.m. opening, a 9:30-10:45 class will be held.  This procedure applies to all credit classes.   



S indicates that you have met the course requirements and have achieved a passing grade.

  1. You have passed each reading and grammar test with a score of 70% or higher (10 tests for reading and 10 tests for grammar).
  2. You have passed each vocabulary test with a score of 70% or higher (4 tests total). 
  3. You have passed the extended reading assignment.
  4. Your participation in class activities, discussions, and readings (both orally and via the computer) are consistent and evidence effort.
  5. You have passed the combined skills test with a score of 70% or higher.
  6. Your final portfolio has passed.


R indicates that you are making satisfactory progress toward meeting the course requirements but need more time to complete them.  In this case, you must register for English 8 again.


U indicates that your work toward completing the class is unacceptable.  You must take English 8 again.


W indicates that you have been withdrawn from the class.


Submission of Papers: We will write several summaries, responses and essays during this term.  Each of these must be submitted in final form.  Final form consists of:


Early Registration - Instead of providing early registration notes, it is Loudoun's policy to post grades to NOVA Connect as students complete their developmental English course requirements.  Therefore, if you'd like to register early, you will need to finish the course requirements early.


College Policies:

Student Handbook

Computer Use Agreement
Student/Patron Ethics Agreement



Your email address is your UserID@email.vccs.edu

You can access your email from the web at http://www.nvcc.edu/ithd/novaweb.html

Find your Email at http://wwwnvcc.edu/ithd/studentmail.html



Loudoun Library: www.nvcc.edu/loudoun/library


Loudoun Campus Testing Center:

Students with certain documented disabilities or limitations are allowed to take tests or make up tests in the Testing Center with my permission and direction.  You can find out more about the Testing Center at: http://www.nvcc.edu/loudoun/testing_center


Loudoun Campus Writing Center: 

Room LR 135   Call for an appointment: (703) 450-2511

The Writing Center offers tutoring services and direction which may be helpful for your success in this class.  Check the following website for more information.



Loudoun Campus Home Page:


Computer Lab:
In addition to using the computers in our classroom, you may also use the open computer lab at the end of the second floor of the Waddell building.  The lab is open seven days a week; please check with the assistants regarding its operating hours.

English 199:
Eng 199
is a one-credit course that requires a weekly tutoring session with a writing tutor.  The tutor helps you with your writing for Eng 8 and any other classes.  If you struggle with writing academic English, you should register for this course immediately so that your chances of passing Eng 8 are improved.  See  an instructor for further assistance should you find that you need this class.